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Dr. Seema Anand is an Indian author, mythologist, narrative practitioner and story writer from Delhi. She is the director and founder of wellness center Look Beyond India located in New Delhi. From 2003 – 2008, she worked as a partner of Shri Nithya Productions. More over she is a former proprietor of Chapter 1. She is a certified doctor of Alternative Medicine. Seema Anand is London based mythologist and a practising storyteller. Seema Anand is 48 years old Delhi Based and she lectures on the Kama Sutra and is an acknowledged authority on Eastern Erotology. Seema Anand Biography Hindi Husband Storytelling Seduction Age Daughter Wiki सीमा आनंद विकिपीडिया, wikipedia 2022 kids agr father assassination marriage books birthdate Young date of net worth spouse qualification education art of seduction, Seema Anand height, DOB birthday quora family zodiac sign, spouse, single children. You can see here seema anand hot, dr seema anand Age, seema anand books and seema anand Wikipedia in this article.

Family life of Seema Anand

She lives in conjunction with her husband and their 3 kids in London, England. she become born of indian descent.

Seema Anand Husband and Seema Anand Age

Seema Anand formally launched her first book, ‘the humanities of seduction’ returned in 2017. Seema anand is indian based writer and now living in london. Seema anand husband name is not known but we will update here the name of seema anand husband. Besides writing, she additionally has a passion for rangoli art portions. In reality, she owns a guinness world report for having the most important rangoli.

Seema Anand Age and Seema Anand date of birth

Seema Anand Date of Borth is March 8, 1977. Seema anand was born on 1977. Let see the Seema Anand Age. According to Date of Birth of Seema Anand age is 48 years old in 2023. Seema Khan was born on March 8, 1977 in New Delhi, India. But now Seema Anand is living in London. She is an actress, known for Help of a Ghost (2007) and Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives (2020).

Seema Anand Age, Husband, Profession and Early life

सीमा आनंद अप्रवासी भारतीय होने के साथ-साथ एक बेहतरीन लेखिका भी हैं। लेखन उनका जुनून है। सीमा आनंद कहानीकार और पौराणिक कथा की जानकार होने के साथ-साथ कथा पद्धति से चिकित्सा भी करती है। Dr Seema Anand मूल रूप से भारत की रहने वाली है परंतु अब वर्तमान में लंदन में रहती है।

Seema Anand पेशे से एक लेखिका है जो arts of seduction की जानकारी देती है। इनकी शादी की बात करे तो इनकी शादी भी हो चुकी है।

Seema Anand Publication

She published an April 21, 2023 instagram video where she featured the tune “react” with the aid of Erick sermon and redman.

Seema anand career lifestyles, Seema Anand Wiki

Seema started her career as a tale therapist. A professor of hers as soon as recommended her to study life as a series of tiny tales, and she needed to alternate the finishing. With these phrases, she overcame the loss of life of her father, and shesought after and noticed the notable have an impact on stories can also have on humans. It changed into no longer easy although. She confronted many challenges like problems in gaining access to investment, studies, training and so forth.

The primary trouble turned into human beings by no means understood her career, and by no means took it severely. new existence in london. seema moved to london town, united kingdom when she changed into 23 years antique, and she or he enrolled for her ph. d program after giving start to her third baby.

Seema Anand Personal Life, Seema Anand Wiki

There isn’t much recognised about seema’s non-public lifestyles, besides that she is an Indian mom of 3 children lives in London, united kingdom. At some stage in her teenage duration, while she became 19 years vintage, she witnessed a own family tragedy that prompted losing her faith. It changed into her father’s assassination. The power of memories introduced her returned to existence and made her take delivery of the problems she may face in existence.

She comes from a exceedingly educated circle of relatives; her wonderful grandmother turned into a social activist andinspector of faculties during the raj.  Her ardour for indian literature history drove her to be the icon for technique revival. Seema anand is a london based storyteller, mythologist, and medical doctor of narrative practices.

Seema Anand Early Life, career and Profession

Splendid content creator, ebook creator, educator and radio persona. She is a ladies’s health and sex recommend that makes a speciality of educating both men and women about topics of intimacy, delight and wholesome relationships. Because of her recognition, she has accumulated just over 850,000 followers on her seemaanandstorytelling instagram account as well as her youtube channel.


She first released her youtube channel lower back in January 2016. Further to her academic research, she has also used sources which include historic Indian texts to enhanceHer teachings.

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