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Lavini Marathi Dancer Gautami patil Wiki Biography, Gautami Patil Lavini Marathi Dancer biography is given here. Gautami Patil Dancer Wiki, Biography, Photo, Age, Show Price, Family, Career, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Affair And Relationship And More related information is given in this article. Gautami Patil is an Indian dancer and social media superstar. She was born in 1996 in Shindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra, India and just 27 years old in 2023. She started her profession as a dancer. She is a completely famous and exquisite dancer. She has finished her schooling from high school in shindkheda. Gautami Patil Information, Gautami patil, Profession, Career, Photo, Gautami Patil Age, Gautami Patil Dancer, Gautami Patil Contact Number, Gautami Patil Height, Weight, Fitness etc give in this article.

Wiki and Biography of Gautami Patil Dancer

On the Internet where talent are regularly going neglected, one younger woman’s ardour for dance has catapulted her into the limelight. Gautami patil, a 27 year old dancer from Maharashtra, has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands together with her viral dance videos on social media. But behind the mesmerizing performances lies a tale of resilience, dedication, and the power of following one’s desires. On this blog, we can delve into the untold story of this proficient khandeshi girl and her upward thrust to stardom, overcoming adversity and breaking boundaries along the way.

Fee and Show Price of Gautami Patil

Gautami patil fee ans show prices are starting from 20K to 1 lac. Gautami’s fame and popularity skyrocketed at some stage in the Dahi Handi pageant when her dance movies went viral. So she Gautami Patil fee charges are depends sometime on their show type and prices of Gautami Patil fee can be changes accordingly. Her captivating performances quick gained traction, and he or she have become a sensation in the hadapsar location of maharashtra. However, a number of her performances were criticized for being towards Marathi subculture, main her to publicly apologize and say sorry.

Gautami Patil Information, Wikipedia, Biography and Life

Born and raised within the village of sindhkheda in dhule district, gautami’s adventure started out amidst a tumultuous family members, her lifestyles. Her mother and father separated because of her father’s alcoholism and abusive conduct towards her family, leaving her mom and grandfather to raise her. No matter the challenges she faced, gautami’s love for dance remained unwavering. As a baby, she could participate in gatherings and demand on taking the lead role in dance performances.

Lavini Marathi Dancer Gautami Patil, Profession, Career, Photo

At the age of 14 or 15, Gautami took her first dance process to help her own family. Her debut overall performance at akluj lavani mohotsav might not have gone as deliberate, however it marked the start of her journey within the global of dance. Regardless offorgetting her steps at some point of her first overall performance, gautami remained undeterred and endured to pursue her passion.

Gautami Patil Photo and Wiki, Bio, Wikipedia

गौतमी पाटिल का जन्म 1996 में शिंदखेड़ा, धुले महाराष्ट्र, भारत में हुआ था और 2023 तक 28 साल की है। गौतमी पाटिल धुले के शिंदखेड़ा गांव की रहने वाली हैं। उसके पिता का गांव चोपला है। शिंदखेड़ा उसकी मां का गांव है।

गौतमी के पिता ने उन्हें बचपन में ही किसी कारण से छोड़ दिया था। गौतमी अपने मामा के साथ पली-बढ़ी। गौतमी जब आठवीं कक्षा में थीं तब पुणे आ गईं। घर की स्थिति के कारण उसे शिक्षा में इतनी दिलचस्पी नहीं थी, उसने नृत्य करने का फैसला किया। गौतमी ने सबसे पहले बैक डांसर के तौर पर काम किया।

कुछ अनपेक्षित डांस स्टेप्स दिखाते हुए गौतमी पाटिल का एक वीडियो वायरल हो गया है और लोगों ने उन्हें उनके भद्दे डांस मूव्स के लिए ट्रोल करना शुरू कर दिया है।

Gautami Patil’s Age and Date of Birth

Gautami Patil Age is not more then in years and she is just only 27 years old in 2023. By profession Gautami Patil is an Indian dancer and popular in the India. Gautami Patil was born in the year of 1996 in Shindkheda, Dhule, Maharashtra, Mumbai, INDIA. Gautami Patil completed her schooling at Public School in Shindkheda at Maharashtra, Mumbai. As of date of birth of Gautami Patil her age is just 27 years in 2023.

Gautami Patil Marathi Dancer

Gautami Patil is Dancer by profession. She started her career as a dancer and social media star and very popular on social media. Gautami is a very famous and beautiful dancer. There are many songs are released wher she has played the role of a dancer and live programs. You can check her social media accounts there are about 861K followers on Instagram.

गौतमी पाटिल धुले महाराष्ट्र की एक लावणी नर्तकी हैं। गौतमी पाटिल महाराष्ट्र की प्रसिद्ध लावणी नृत्यांगना हैं। वह भारत में एक बहुत ही विवादास्पद नर्तकी है। सितंबर 2022 में, गौतमी पाटिल ने कई लोगों का ध्यान तब खींचा जब उन्होंने एक शो में आपत्तिजनक डांस स्टेप्स किए।

डांसर गौतमी पाटिल ने अलग अंदाज में लावणी ड्रेस पहनी और अश्लील और विवादित डांस किया. कई लोगों ने गौतमी पाटिल को उनके डांस स्टेप्स की वजह से ट्रोल करना शुरू कर दिया। गौतमी पाटिल अपने इंस्टाग्राम रील्स और विभिन्न डांस क्लिप के साथ सोशल मीडिया पर बहुत लोकप्रिय हैं।

Gautami Patil Contact Number | Social Media Accounts

Social Media Profile of along with Gautami Patil Contact Number | Social Media Accounts

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Body Measurement of Gautami Patil and Height, Weight, Fitness

Gautami Patil is popular dancer in India and just 27 years old yet in 2023. She is attractive, slim curvy body shape which helped her to become more popular on social media platforms as a dancing career. As we find the information she takes great care of her fitness and for this, she does workout, yoga, and exercise regularly, along with thiese steps the diet plan is also very necessary for a fit and strong body. Gautami is 5’5” height which is very good and in cm its is 165 cm tall, her weight is 124 lbs or about 56kg and hair is brown and blue-colored eyes which makes her beautiful.

Hot Photos Gautami Pati×280&!7&btvi=4&fsb=1&dtd=21049Gautami Patil Dancer Biography, Wiki, Age, Show Price, Career, Photo, Family, Net Worth, Affair, Boyfriend, Relationship and More

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