Do you know what is Surrogate Advertising

Surrogate Advertising – what is the definition of Surrogate advertisements – Surrogate Advertisements are basically a another way or a secondary type of advertisement for the things or goods or services which we cannot be advertised directly for the customers reason by to the prohibition / ben of law by the goverment, that goods or things that form the corpus of such banned are like tobacco, alcohol products, Narcotic substances and other such type of products are prohibited by the Law. Let’s read about Surrogate Advertising, Surrogate Advertising Meaning, Surrogate Advertising Meaning in Hindi and examples for Surrogate Ads, on which free classified ads website, where you can post free classified ads without registration.

Surrogate Advertising

Surrogate advertisements promote a brand or a product that is similar to the banned product, but not the same, in order to create brand awareness and visibility. Surrogate advertising is commonly used in industries such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling, where direct advertising is either illegal or highly regulated. The negative impact of surrogate advertisement: It violates the right to be informed (of negative effects), and the right to be safeguarded against potentially unsafe products.

Surrogate Advertising Meaning

Surrogate Advertising Meaning – We can understand the meaning of Surrogate advertising (Surrogate Ads) – It is a type of ads of any products, in surrogate advertising is a type of advs in which we used to opromotion activity of advertisement of regulated products, like tobacco and alcohol, in the disguise of another product….. READ MORE

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