Pastor John Anosike Wiki, Pastor John Anosike Biography, Pastor John Anosike Net Worth, Pastor John Anosike Spiritual Father And Pastor John Anosike Age Information Is Given In This Article. Pastor jonah o.anosike, the person of god after whom the vicinity which oversees all the christ apostolic church in europe turned into named, turned into a person with the gift of prophecy, a prayer warrior, a top notch deliverance minister with an unusual unction for recuperation. He become additionally a awesome preacher of holiness. He become born in ibeku, umuahia ndume, in the present abia state. He become educated up to standard three,by using the same old of his time, he can be said to be nicely knowledgeable. He became equally a polyglot as he spoke 4 essentiallanguages fluently. He spoke igbo, his local tongue, yoruba, hausa and english language.

Pastor John Anosike Biography and John Anosike Family

John Anosike was born in birth place, to Egbegbewogu Anosike and Nda Anosike (born Olelewe). In his family John had one sibling. John Anosike is married and he married with Mary Omasiridiya Anosike Mary Omasiridiya Anosike was born  at Ngak. Mary had 7 children: Suzanne Awusola Nnah (born Anosike), Thomas Anosike and 5 other children. Pastor John Anosike then partnered Nwulari Anosike. They had 3 children: Emilia Anosike and 2 other children. Pastor John Anosike then married first name Anosike.

They had 3 children. Pastor John Anosike  then partnered first name Anosike. They had one daughter: Asingwa Anosike. Pastor John Anosike  passed away.

Pastor John Anosike Age

John C Anosikeh was born in the year of 1957. Pastor John Anosike Age is 66 years old in 2023. Pastor John Anosike Age in the year of 2023 is given here but the month and day of Pastor John Anosike birth is not known.

He have become a member of christ apostolic church in 1946. He turned into ordained as pastor in 1959 with ordination registration wide variety one hundred fifteen. For many years, he changed into residing inside the north where he got married to an igbo woman born via a prophetess who became also a midwife. His mom-in-law turned into a prophetess who was also dwelling inside the north. Someday in 1956, the mother-in-regulation saw a vision where she changed into directed to move and plant cac in her local igbo land. She left the north for owerri.

Pastor John Anosike Sermons

The message of pastor john anosike is essential for every person companies within the twenty-first century. He’s a real apostle of energy, as evidenced by his lifestyles and ministry both regionally and globally. He is married to pastor ola, a wonderful servant of god, and the lord has blessed them with four stunning daughters. He accepts folks who join his religious protection and tutelage and is open to the whole body of christ. His purpose is to build a jesus christ church that capabilities at the entirecapacity of energy that god meant for her.

Pastor john anosike profession and career

Pastor John Anosike is the president and senior pastor of recent world religion ministries (spirit revelation ecclesia), a multi-cultural, extraordinarily lively ministry in Capetown, South Africa, with over 8000 participants. He turned into up in a christian surroundings and was brought about the lord jesus christ as a teen. Through the age of six, pastor john had already been uncovered to ministering in front of big crowds in crusades,and this desire has evolved with him. As he endured to explore the scriptures, god commenced to form him right into a prophet and trainer. This love for the phrase is clear inside the manner he teaches, that is dynamic and enthusiastic, and with fantastic knowledge! The services are vibrant due to the fact god continuously verifies his phrase via miracles, signs and symptoms, and marvels! Pastor john was clearly given to this age to create a kind of jesus christ church that could characteristic within the full potential of power thatgod supposed for her!

Pastor John Anosike Spiritual Father

Pastor John Anosike Spiritual Father – As a instructor, pastor john anosike bears a rare anointing for expounding the scriptures in excessive revelation, bringing deep and first rate information within the gospel of christ and grace, as well as unusual healings and miracles. He is likewise the author of severa books, which include the famous each day devotional “heaven to your day,” which is meant to perform exactly that! Pastor John Anosike Spiritual Father has really been sent via god as a trendy of ourtime to elevate a kind of the body of christ that could work in a natural understanding of the scriptures, observed through miracles, symptoms, and wonders! A actual apostle of strength, as established with the aid of his lifestyles and ministry each regionally and across the world! His message is critical for absolutely everyone companies inside the twenty-first century. He’s married to a amazing servant of god, pastor ola, and the lord has blessed them with four (4) lovely daughters. Pastor John Anosike Spiritual Father now live in Cape Town, South Africa.

Pastor John Anosike net worth

Pastor John Anosike net worth and income is given here. Pastor john anosike net worth is over $10 million in the year of 2023. He got some his father’s name is unknown and the mother’s name is unknown. At this time we do not have any information about the name of his brother. He keeps the family’s information private from him. So, pastor john anosike net worth is over $10 million.

Pastor John Anosike Family

His father’s name is unknown and the mother’s name is unknown. At this time we do not have any information about the name of his brother. He keeps the family’s information private from him.

Pastor John Anosike Wife

Pastor John Anosike Wife name is given here. He is a married man. Pastor John Anosike is married to a wonderful servant of God, Pastor Ola, and the Lord has blessed them with four beautiful daughters.

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