NZ VS SCO – The most recent cricket match between New Zealand and Scotland took place on November 3, 2021, during the T20 World Cup. New Zealand won the match, with a score of 172-5, while Scotland scored 156-51. NZ VS SCO, (New Zealand Vs Scotland), SCO Full Form, sco vs nz.

NZ VS SCO, (New Zealand Vs Scotland)

It’s worth noting that there are many cricket matches that have taken place between these two countries over the years, including matches in various formats such as Tests, One Day Internationals, and T20Is. If you’re looking for information on a specific match, it would be helpful to provide more details such as the date or tournament.

SCO Full Form, sco vs nz

SCO full form is Scotland. Scotland is situated in North East in Europe in Great Britain. Cricket is a very popular sport game around the world and is played at both countrywide and international levels. This recreation originated in England. Cricket has come introduced to the Indians via the British in the early 1700s. This sport policies in anyone’s heart in India and so it may be referred to as the “king of the video games”.

SCO is short form of Scotland, Scotland is small state and situated in Britain. Let’s see the more details of SCO Vs NZ and full form of SCO is Scotland. It is able to be performed by using guys, women and children of every age. It’s miles an out of doors sport which calls for a bat, ball and stumps. It’s also played on a discipline by means of two teams and the team that ratings more runs, wins the sport.

In India, matches could be telecast live at the fancode app. Matches in India starts as per predefined schedules. All the matches are telecast on every channels along with some government channels. People can see all the latest cricket matches as live and old cricket match are also available on Social media and internet websites.


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