Bhunaksha.Cg.Nic.In, bhu naksha cg app download- Bhu Naksha CG – CG Govt ने official website पोर्टल जारी किया गया है। Bhu Naksha CG पर आम नागरिकों हों य किसान अगर Land record, जमाबंदी (Jamabandi), सम्पति के स्वामित्व (ownership) से संबंधित details चाहिए तो वो online माध्यम से या Bhu Naksha CG Bhu Naksha CG (भु नक्शा मैप) के द्वारा आसानी से प्राप्त कर सकता है। You can also check your old map for Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg 2022, bhu naksha cg app, bhu naksha cg 2021.

BHU NAKSHA CG 2022 | BHU NAKSHA CG 2022 – 2023

Bhu Naksha Cg – 2022: and related details are available on official website of Cg land and revenue department. Bhu Naksha Cg official website is Bhu Naksha Cg Nic, you can get all the details related your land, plot, agriculture land and you can also check land type and ownership of land etc. In Bhu Naksha web site of Cg State has been designed by the National Informatics Center (NIC) which is maintain and develop all the Govt official websites including Bhu Naksha Cg, Bhu Naksha Cg Nic In. Bhu Naksha Cg data can be download and can used to check, edit, and digitize land maps etc. You can also check all the maps also of your land. Maps provided by the Bhu Naksha Cg define the exact boundaries of the plot boundaries also. Let’s read more about Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg 2022, bhu naksha cg app, bhu naksha cg 2021.

BHU Naksha CG (bhu naksha cg app) का लाभ

Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg app download for Bhu Naksha Cg – People who wish to purchase the land, home, plot, agriculture land can check their land related information on Bhu Naksha Cg and related information for Bhu Naksha Cg, Bhu Naksha Cg Nic In. You can also check Village Bhu Naksha Cg also, Bhu Naksha Cg Nic In is official website of Bhu Naksha Cg. The buyers may get and check the area with dimensions and size of the related plot or land by online before buying the particular land on Bhu Naksha Cg. The Bhu Naksha Cg portal provides the help the buyers and can verify land records’ legitimacy online.

Village Bhu Naksha Cg nic in | Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg app

Village Bhu Naksha Cg Those buying land in Cg can cross-check the property ownership information on the bhu naksha Cg website. The digital land records in the state or online Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg app in Cg enables citizens to know their land related details without the need to visit the revenue office. This website provides latest information to users, we elaborate on how to access that information from the official website on this article. All villagers can check Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg 2022, bhu naksha cg app, bhu naksha cg 2021.

What is Bhu naksha Cg?

Bhu-naksha, a Hindi term, refers to what is known as the cadastral map of land in India. A bhu naksha provides the exact information, value and ownership of the said land owners with measurement and boundary marking. All the state of India has these types of web portals who provide these details under the government’s Digital India programme to the land owners or famrers. The name of such websites are as Bhu Naksha so you can search easily on google. In this article the details are providing of Cg state, the official portal that gives all land-related details is known as Cg Bhulekh website. Bhu Naksha Cg, bhu naksha cg 2022, bhu naksha cg app, bhu naksha cg 2021.

Bhu naksha Cg: How to check Bhulekh land map online?

Step 1: Log on to the official website of Cg bhu naksha to check the bhulekh map in Cg.

Step 2: After you have to enter details about district, sub division, circle, mauza, type and sheet in given field.

  1. If you zoom in on the khasra or enter it in the space available on the top of the page, you will get all the details such as plot number, khasra number, details about owner or joint owners, father’s name, caste details, neighbours, all plots of the same owner, etc.

Step 4: You can also get a Bhulekh Map Report and ROR report and download it from this website.

Bhulekh map Cg: What is a plot report?

You would have noticed that on the left-hand side of the above picture, there is an option for ‘Single plot’ report. The details of particular land are a printable map of the area in which a plot is situated, so you can take a print of your particular land area. By default, the Cg land record map report will be printed on an A4-sized paper with best fit scale. It is possible to generate the Cg bhumi map report of bhu map in Cg to any scale and you can generate the report for all plots of a particular owner but in the latter case, reports of each plot would be printed on different pages.

Download bhulekh map in Cg

Yes, for districts where the bhunaksha in Cg has been made online, you can download the Cg land record map. To print, press CTRL+P. You can save this by opting for the ‘Save as’ option like you see in the picture of a land or bhu map in Cg below.

Bhunaksha Cg: List of districts with bhu naksha details yet to be made online

Every person which is residents of that particular state can check their farm or land map online. You can also check the list of district with bhu naksha details online. Government provides the facility to farmers or land owners to check the details of their land details online. Profit / merits of Bhu Naksha Cg is also given in this article.

Bhu naksha Cg: how to get the map of farm in Cg?

Bhu naksha Cg – The khasra map provides the wide variety of the farm, to get the map of the land in Cg. How to get the map, of Bhu Naksha Cg, visit the legit internet site of Cg bhu naksha and enter information, consisting of district, tehsil and village. Then, seek by means of khasra wide variety of the field within the Cg bhumi naksha/map.

Bhu naksha Cg cutting-edge latest Cgdates and latest news on Bhu Naksha Cg

Cg to apply electronic total station machines for land size. The Cg Government plans to provide digital total station (ets) machines for land measurement and land and survey work in 20 districts of the country. The move is a part of the Cg sales department’s plan to digitise land facts. The distribution of the ets machines is probable to begin already from the year of 2021.

How to Log In to the Bhu Naksha Cg Website?

People who want to get full knowledge regarding Bhu Naksha Cg website that how to login in Bhu Naksha Cg Website. Let see the access steps for the land maps and bhu naksha Cg online portal, user who want to get online should be logged into the Bhu Naksha Cg official website. The Link of Bhu Naksha Cg is given below –

Step by step guide for Bhu Naksha Cg official website login

Step 1: You have to visit the official website of Bhu Naksha Cg Official website is @

Step 2: Then, on the right-hand top corner, there will be a login tab. Click on this tab.

Step 3: After that new window will opened after you click on this tab.

Step 4: In given field you have to enter Username, Password and the Captcha Code if available.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Login’ button. You will be logged in to the Bhulekh Cg website.

Step 6: You can also reset your password, click on the Reset Password button which is available there. You can reset your password from the ‘Your ROR’ application.


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